Construction Industry

  • Performed a construction gap analysis for a Fortune 500 biotech firm with sites located in California, Washington, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Puerto Rico.
  • Performed contractor safety assessment during the painting of the containment dome of a nuclear operating company located in Ohio.
  • Performed an industrial hygiene air-sampling study and related litigation support involving a fatality that occurred inside a water tower in Minnesota.
  • Performed a construction site assessment in Pennsylvania and provided related litigation support involving welding inside confined spaces.
  • Performed safety planning and management oversight for a project involving weld repairs and modifications to wind tunnels (coated with lead-based paint) at a NASA facility in California.
  • Solved a 45-year fall protection hazard for a water tower painting contractor.
  • Authored various corporate safety and occupational health standards.
  • Created an air-sampling database consisting of over 600 data points of various analytes.
  • Provided OSHA training and safety training as and OSHA-authorized instructor to various construction clients.


Insurance Industry

  • Managed a staff of loss control consultants who efficiently serviced multiple loss control workers’ compensation programs, which resulted in a loss ratio of 24% for the combined programs and used only 36% of the risk control budget. Services included providing loss control surveys, providing OSHA training, safety training, and related loss control services.
  • Reviewed mold applications and supporting reports/documentation and performed site assessments for insurance underwriters to evaluate and analyze the risk of mold claims for the applicants’ portfolios.
  • Performed environmental risk assessment surveys for a wide variety of clients (including contractors, chemical facilities, hospitals, environmental facilities, environmental services firms, warehouses, manufacturers, and storage facilities)
  • Performed risk assessment surveys (involving multiple lines of insurance coverage) and safety training for a wide variety of clients.
  • Peer reviewed various industrial hygiene and safety reports (including indoor air quality assessments, microbial assessments, noise exposure assessments, air-sampling surveys, safety programs, and audit reports) and OSHA training programs.


Government and Municipalities

  • Conducted a fatality investigation involving the death of an 11-year old boy at a solid waste transfer station located in California.
  • Investigated an incident (resulting in serious head injuries) that occurred at a compost site in Texas and provided expert witness testimony related to the incident.
  • Developed indoor air quality and bioaerosol sampling strategies to investigate occupant complaints at a state prison in California.


General Industry

  • Performed a baseline management systems safety and health audit prior to the implementation of a behavior-based safety process and provided occupational health sampling surveys for a billion-dollar manufacturer of diesel-operated equipment.
  • Cost-effectively characterized and evaluated carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations (using direct-reading instruments and statistical methods) at a regional distribution center for a $5 billion major appliance manufacturer.
  • Provided OSHA training pertaining to confined space entry for a manufactuerer of building materials.
  • Performed multiple safety and health gap assessments and industrial hygiene exposure assessments for a nationwide manufacturer of building materials.