The Safety Experts S1E5, Part 1: Click here to listen

Preventable incidents happen across industries every day. Managing employees effectively and taking action to reduce risk and injury increases profits by managing costs, but most importantly, protects and saves lives.

In the first part of this episode of The Safety Experts podcast, Jerome Spear, Jeremy Lancaster, and Dave Griffith sit down to discuss how to improve contractor safety performance. Jerome and Jeremy speak with Dave about the minimum criteria for pre-qualification and selection, as well as EHS contract requirements.

Join us as we discuss why contractor safety oversight is important and learn how to achieve better performance. In the second part of this episode on contractor safety, be sure to join us as we discuss owner and general contractor perspectives as well as performance evaluation and feedback.

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 The Safety Experts S1E4: Click here to listen

Complacency is a dangerous game when it comes to process safety. Regulatory standards are changing, and although the exact timeline is uncertain, it does not matter. There are many safety protocols you can implement now to ensure you are ahead of the safety game.

In this episode of The Safety Experts by Spear & Lancaster, Jeremy sits down to discuss process safety and risk reduction, as they relate to the ever-changing Process Safety Regulatory Standard. Jeremy will walk through 5 key process safety areas to lower the risk of incidents.

  1. Highly hazardous and reactive chemicals
  2. Atmospheric storage tanks
  3. Oil and gas drilling/production facilities
  4. Safer technology and mechanical integrity
  5. Third-party auditing

For those wanting to learn more, here are 5 chemical safety (CSB) videos related to each of the 5 areas. See below the links to access these videos.

  1. The Dangers of Popcorn Polymer
  2. Filling Blind
  3. Silent Killer: Hydrogen Sulfide Release in Odessa, Texas
  4. Inherently Safer
  5. Ignored Warnings: Explosion in St. Louis

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The Danger of Popcorn Polymer: Incident at the TPC Group Chemical Plant – Safety Videos – Multimedia | CSB

Process Safety Management – Overview | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (osha.gov)

Process Safety Management | Occupational Safety and Health Administration (osha.gov)

The Safety Experts S1E3:Click here to listen

Crane accidents are usually highly visible, commonly tragic incidents. These incidents are preventable if the right measures and considerations are taken beforehand.

In the third episode of The Safety Experts by Spear & Lancaster, Jeremy and Jerome are joined by Doug Smith, crane safety expert with a lifetime of experience with mobile cranes and rigging operations. Jerome and Jeremy pose crane-related questions, including asking Doug to analyze some crane accidents and what likely went wrong.

Follow along with Jerome, Jeremy, and Doug from Spear & Lancaster, LLC.

Crane Accident #1:

https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/2-injured-in-crane-collapse-at-amazon-construction-site-in-westchester-county/ – CBS New York

https://abc7ny.com/hawthorne-crane-collapse-construction-amazon-warehouse/12968888/ – ABC New York

https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/giant-red-crane-collapse-injures-2-at-ny-amazon-warehouse/4160416/ – NBC New York

Crane Accident #2:

https://abc7.com/crane-operator-dies-malibu-california-highway-patrol-investigation/13092471/ – ABC Los Angeles

https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/crane-topples-over-in-malibu-operator-trapped-between-power-lines/3129985/ – NBC Los Angeles

Crane Accident #3:

NYC crane collapses on building and into street after catching on fire | CNN – CNN

NYC crane collapse: 9 civilians, 3 firefighters injured; 10th Ave reopens to traffic – ABC7 New York (abc7ny.com) – ABC

The Safety Experts S1E2:Click here to listen

The Safety Experts S1E2: A personal story about a tragic accident and the scarring consequences from losing a co-worker, friend, brother, and son.

On July 16th, 1987, a tragic onsite trenching incident occurred, personally affecting Jeremy’s family, special guest Barry, and many others in their hometown located in west Tennessee. Approximately 35 trenching fatalities occur each year in the U.S., with about two-thirds of those occurring in trenches less than ten feet.

In this episode of The Safety Experts podcast, your hosts Jerome Spear and Jeremy Lancaster is joined by special guest Barry Glisson to share the events of that day to raise awareness on proper work safety precautions, the dangers of onsite trench work, and showcase the importance of employing safety competencies onsite.  Jerome speaks with Jeremy and Barry about the importance of proper safety precautions, sharing a deeply personal story about the tragic consequences of working in an excavation or trench without proper protective systems in place.

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Invisible Hazards. Episode #83 … Click here to listen

President and Managing Partner at Spear & Lancaster, LLC joins ‘Ted Carew, CHST of Ted Speaks – Safety is My Jam‘  for this weeks episode to help educate our listeners about Industrial Hygiene and other issues that companies may need assistance with. Spear & Lancaster, LLC has helped hundreds of clients with assessing exposures and managing risks through incident prevention techniques to keep their people safe and also achieve greater profits and productivity.

The Safety Experts S1E1:Click here to listen

Title: The Safety Experts S1E1: A leap of faith…or is it?

Show Notes:

This year, J.E. Spear transformed into Spear & Lancaster, as Jerome welcomed Jeremy to the team. For some, that career change would be considered a leap of faith…but is that really the case?

Welcome to the very first episode of The Safety Experts podcast with your hosts, Jerome Spear and Jeremy Lancaster. To kick off the podcast, Jerome speaks with Jeremy and his wife, Letti Lancaster, as they discuss taking leaps of faith. Jerome, Jeremy, and Letti share how their Christian faith has impacted their lives and careers, and the importance of incorporating faith into decision-making.

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